Getting the right name for your business or organization is important. Your domain name is how the world will find you and know you.

You want a name that is easily remembered and shared, memorable. If your business is just starting, it is important to have a name that will not box in future growth possibilities. At the same time, there are definite advantages to names that are suggestive of the products or services that you offer.

You have a universe of choices when it comes to naming. What is on both sides of the dot should be carefully considered. Traditionally, the majority of businesses sought a .com extension name, and if you can acquire the name you want in .com, that is still a terrific choice. But often the name you want will not be available in .com at any price, or not within your budget range.

Technically every domain extension works the same, so you do have other options. In recent years many startups, particularly in the tech world, have used .io extension names.

The .xyz extension has found increasing adoption, particularly in the last few years. There are a number of reasons for this, partly that to some it feels more modern than .com. But one of the main reasons is simply that you have many more choices in available names.

The .xyz extension has found particular adoption in the decentralized Web3 world, but there is nothing restricting .xyz domain names to that sector.

You can find .xyz domain names at any of the main marketplaces. NameTown.XYZ is a different sort of domain market. No hard sell or confusing array of millions of possible names. I wanted to create a friendly simple place to find an .xyz domain name at a price within the budget range of even small businesses.

This is literally a single person operation. My name is Bob Hawkes, I live in Victoria, BC, Canada and I would love to help you find your name.

If you find a name you like, it is possible to purchase directly, but in most cases we will use a third party to ‘close’ – they will accept payment, transfer the name to you, and only release payment, minus a commission, after that. They offer you security and peace of mind, as well as flexibility in payment options.